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New Alias

2009-03-07 00:22:42 by mercuryavian

I am now known as NZGTownsend. If you liked Mercury shadow go to NZGTownsend.newgroun to find the updated version(s)/ new tracks.


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2009-03-07 00:48:53

Hey NGZTownsend! Why the name change?

mercuryavian responds:

Because I made it (*the alias, not this particular account) 6 or 7 years ago, and its actual meaning is entirely obscure, and doesnt sound very good to even myself without the meaning (which noone has ever figured out, and it means nothing to me now anyway)

My new one, NZG Townsend stands for my project, "Negative Zero Gaming" and my last name, Townsend. I have also changed my email to this name. besides email and Newgrounds, my alias for around a year now has been NZGTownsend anyway, so I figured Id just finish off the old obscure name from my childhood in turn for one with meaning, (and that I can write as an email address without people asking questions.)


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